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Do NOT let your taste buds be the judge. Isn’t that exactly the main obstacle when it comes to eating healthily??

Yoplait Greek’s new marketing campaign is the #tasteoff between their yogurt and Chobani Greek where they hide the labels and just have people taste each yogurt — JUST like people would probably prefer pizza over a salad, it means absolutely NOTHING that they would prefer the taste of Yoplait Greek over Chobani.

Here is Yoplait Greek’s list of ingredients vs. Chobani:


I’m sorry, somebody explain to me what “milk protein concentrate” is. That sounds disgusting. Also, sugar, gelatin…

Again, I want to express the importance of reading nutrition labels & knowing what you’re eating. If you’re trying to go healthy, DON’T let your taste buds be the judge - YOU need to be the judge.

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Here’s my personal opinion on gluten-free diets: don’t do them unless you have Celiac disease. Similar to “fat-free”, they simply replace the gluten with something else that’s arguably worse for you.

See this quote from bhg.com: “…many packaged gluten-free foods actually have less fiber than their gluten-containing counterparts and are more starchy.”

I was buying steel cut oats the other day, and saw one package that said “gluten-free and wheat-free” and another that didn’t say that. The ingredients were exactly the same - “whole grain oats” - and all of the nutrition facts were exactly the same, but the gluten-free one cost almost double the “normal” one.

All I’m saying is… know what you’re buying. I don’t think gluten-free is worth it.

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